Print Salon

Show Your Best Work

Print salon is TAPPA’s once a year print competition, a great learning event and if you're looking to get your degrees from PPA or FPP a great way to practice and see where you're at. TAPPA brings in three judges from outside the area to give an impartial judging and critiques.


This is one of the best learning experiences where you get to hear impartial input from three highly respected photographers so that you will be able to grow and become more successful.


Please go to the Salon page for rules and information on entering.

TAPPA_24_07_47855_2_---- Mommy Dearest
TAPPA_24_03_48457_2_---- The Queens Dayd
TAPPA_22_16_47599_2_---- Tribute to Mich
TAPPA_22_09_48680_2_---- Family Time
TAPPA_22_07_48678_2_---- Dawson Family
TAPPA_21_10_47976_2_---- Siblings
TAPPA_21_09_48097_2_---- Effects of Natu
TAPPA_20_01_48647_2_---- Utah State Capi
TAPPA_21_02_48096_2_---- My Pastel Rose.
TAPPA_21_06_48644_2_---- Taking My Trunk