Erik Kuna


Rockets, NASA & Astronomical Photography

Focusing on Space. Erik will explore how a career of shooting sports, landscapes and travel photography led to a transition into covering Space and Rocket Photography. We will discuss how an understanding of the mechanics of imagine creation can lead into mastering a niche in photography. Also, we’ll go over the tools, settings, software and gear that goes into creating his images. 


Responsible for leading and managing all day-to-day operations of KelbyOne. Providing the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that KelbyOne has the proper operational controls, administrative procedures, and management systems in place to effectively grow. Responsible for supervising all technical, marketing and operational departments at KelbyOne, focused on member engagement, retention and acquisition.

Specializing in Spaceflight, Rocket Launch, Emerging Technology and Science Exploration Photojournalist and Reporting, covering news and events for NASA, SpaceX, Tesla, ULA and Northrop Grumman for Discovery Networks, The Planetary Society,, A24 Films, Spaceflight101, Tesla Motors Club and others. Work published in print, magazines and online, most photos and video available for licensing and prints, also available for assignments, contact via

Tampa Area Professional Photographer Association

Meets on the 2nd Tuesday each month at:

Bryan Glazer Family JCC

522 N Howard Ave.

Tampa, FL 33606