Tampa Area Professional Photographer Association

Meets on the 2nd Tuesday each month at:

Bryan Glazer Family JCC

522 N Howard Ave.

Tampa, FL 33606

Matt Kloskowski

No Light? No Problem

Here’s a whole new spin on photo editing. How about I edit some of your photos? In this class, you’ll learn some of my favorite techniques and tricks for editing photos where the light just wasn’t what you hoped for. And along the way, I’ll edit some of your photos to show off these tools.  


Want to submit a photo. Just upload an unedited Raw (or DNG) photo to this link before January 3rd, 2019: https://mattyk.me/mattk-tappa-2019


Okay, I’m kind of opening up here about my past a bit. So here goes… For years, being in the photography industry (but not necessarily being a full-time working pro), I really tried to establish myself as a photographer because, well, it seemed like that was the cool thing to do. But I knew people really came to me for my education. And interestingly enough, that’s what I love to do the most…above anything… to teach and educate.

So years ago I decided to own that role, and be very intentional about it. My goal is to bring you the best photo editing workflow, as well as to help you get better at capturing great outdoor/nature/landscape/people photos.

Recently in 2016, I’ve decided to take owning that role even further. As of July 1, 2016, I’m officially on my own. With the help of my wife, we’ve founded Matt Kloskowski Photography and Training. Hopefully the name says it all ?