Karrie Porter Bond

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In this workshop, we will cover

  • Personal Branding…what it is, who has one, why it’s a critical element to digital marketing, and why it’s the number one thing you can leverage as a Photographer to promote your studio

  • Tips for creating Social Media content that speaks to your ideal audience – Guess what…it’s not just about posting your last photo shoot!

  • Exercises so that you never run out of things to talk about to attract your ideal audience

  • Using my own “V.I.V.I.D.” method for communicating your brand in your website, blog, social media, and printed materials.

  • Turning on all your Digital Assets: Digital marketing ideas that go beyond algorithms and analytics.

  • Hacks, tools, and workarounds that allow you to work smarter, not harder.

 Who this is a good fit for

  • If you’ve ever not been sure what to post, so you just copy what everyone else is doing

  • If you’re amazing at your craft, but can’t figure out how to stand out in a crowded market

  • If you’ve ever spent a lot of time on a post or piece of marketing, only to have zero engagement

  • If you can’t ever find the time to keep up with your marketing

  • If you’ve ever had a client interaction go sour after what had initially been a great relationship (Hint – how to spot the red flags that they’re not a good fit for your brand, and how to mine for information in a fun way that ensures you work only with the clients you want to!)

  • If you’ve ever been afraid to “show up” online because you were worried what people would think of you

  • If you look at your website or marketing materials and think “this is SO not me” but you can’t actually put your finger one what IS you!

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Originally hailing from a rural area outside of Tampa, Florida, Karrie Porter Bond is a Florida Keys based photographer, blogger, and social media branding strategist going on 20 years of experience. 

With degrees in Photography and Fine Art, and former roles as Advertising Director for Paul C Buff Inc (maker of White Lightning and Alien Bees lighting), Adjunct Photography Instructor for the International Academy in Nashville, Ad Designer for Cooke Communications print media, and the longest running Social Media Director for the top Keys’ digital marketing firm (building the department from “what is social media?” to a 6 figure revenue stream for the agency, working with Visit Key West, Visit Florida Keys, and The Florida Keys and Key West Monroe County Tourist Development Council as top clients), she was well prepared to run a profitable full time studio catering to the needs of her clients in Key West.