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Membership Classification

Thank you for becoming a new member of TAPPA. We look forward to meeting you at are next meeting.

Just one more step to complete you application process and that is to pay your annual dues.

Professional Member - $119

Associate Member - $109

Student Member - $59

Spouse - $35

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An individual that is a Florida resident. An individual who owns a legally established business engaged in selling photographic goods or services to the public or they are employed by a legally established photographic business. May vote, hold office, use the TAPPA logo, and enter print competition. Annual dues are $119.


For additional members from the same firm or studio already represented by a PROFESSIONAL MEMBER. They may not vote, hold office, or display the TAPPA logo, but may enter print competitions. Annual dues are $109.

STUDENT: An individual that is currently enrolled in photography related courses in the State of Florida and can provide authentic student identification. May not vote, hold office, or use the TAPPA logo, but may enter print competitions. Annual dues are $59.

SPOUSE: An individual not engaged in photography whose spouse is a TAPPA member. May not vote, hold office, use the TAPPA logo or enter print competitions. Annual dues are $35.