At the end of the year TAPPA awards its most prestigious title, “Photographer of the Year” to the person who has accumulate the most points throughout the year.


You might be interested to know that the point system covers many areas with first place print of the month and salon and merits playing a large part in that.

Some of the other areas where points can accumulate are attendance and entering print of the month.

Ways that points are awarded are being members of FPP and PPA and if you are on a committee or being a committee chair. Being a Board Member also comes into play. So that you can get a better understanding of the point system they are listed below.

Meeting Attendance   10
Entering Salon or POM   10
Salon Best of Show   40
Salon 1st Place   30
Salon 2nd Place   20
Salon 3rd Place   10
Meriting in Salon   10
Print of the Month 1st Place   20
Print of the Month 2nd Place   15
Print of the Month 3rd Place   10
Committee Member   15
Committee Chair   15
Board Member   10
Contributing to the Newsletter   10
Outstanding Service Award   20
Florida Professional Photographers Membership   10
Professional Photographers Association Membership   10

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2017 Final Standings for Photographer of the Year


1 – Michael Landes
2 – Randy Van Duinen
3 – Amanda Pratt
4 – Lee Burgess
5 – Kathy DeYoung
6 – BooRay Perry
7 – Michael DeMartino
8 – Karen Barnett
9 – Bob Sargent
10 – Ginny Otto

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