Print of the Month is our monthly competition that is decided by a vote of the members attending that meeting. There are six categories in which to compete: Portrait, Commercial, Storybook, Social Function, Unclassified and Electronic Imaging. Ribbons are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all categories.

Any questions regarding these rules can be directed to the Competition Chairman.

1. ELIGIBILITY: Any PROFESSIONAL, ASSOCIATE, ASPIRING, or STUDENT TAPPA member whose dues are current. Monthly Meeting fee must be paid even if Entrant is not present. (Special Note: you must enter at least 3 TAPPA Print of the Month competitions to be eligible for Photographer of the Year).

2. ENTRY FEES: There is no entry fee for Print of the Month competition.

3. ENTRIES ALLOWED: You are allowed to enter one to three (1-3) entries of either Prints or Albums. No image can compete more than once in a Print of the Month competition. Images that have already competed in the annual salon competition are not allowed to enter the Print of the Month competition.

4. IDENTIFICATION OF ENTRIES: All entries must be clearly marked on the back with the maker’s name. No official entry form or label is necessary or required. If a storybook is entered, you must put your name on a small piece of paper and carefully tape it to the outside back cover of the album. If your name is on the inside cover of the album, it must be covered with tape to keep the viewer from knowing whose entry it is.

5. PRINT DEADLINES: The salon Committee will not be responsible for damage of any image.  All Images must be delivered to the competition chairman no later than 6:30PM the night of the meeting.

6. CATEGORIES: There will be six (6) categories in Print of the Month: Portrait, Commercial, Storybook, Social Function, Unclassified, and Electronic Imaging.

7. MOUNTING: All Print of the Month entries must be single weight mounted 8×10 prints. 

8. JUDGING AND SCORING PROCEDURE: The members will vote by secret written ballot as to their favorite image in each classification represented. The votes will be tallied and announced by the Salon Chairman.

9. AWARDS: There will be ribbons awarded for First, Second, and Third Place in each category represented each month. There will be a First Place awarded in each of the six categories at the end of the year. Determination of placement in each category will be based on the number of points earned in that category from both the annual Salon Competition and the Print of the Month competition. (Special Note: you must enter at least 3 TAPPA Print of the Month competitions to be eligible for Photographer of the Year).

10. POINTS: Points will be awarded for Print of the Month in each category in the following manner: First Place – 20 Points; Second Place – 15 Points; Third Place – 10 Points.

11. COMPETITION CHAIRMAN: The Chairman will have the authority to decide any questions not specifically covered by these rules. The decision will be final. All entries not following these rules will be automatically disqualified.

TAPPA_21_03_48455_2_---- Eye Of The Beho

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TAPPA_21_09_48097_2_---- Effects of Natu

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