TAPPA has some of the most influential photographers and speakers at our monthly meetings. We look forward to seeing you at one of our future meetings at 6:00 o'clock on the second Tuesday each month at:

Bryan Glazer Family JCC

522 N Howard Ave.

Tampa, FL 33606 

Cost is $20 at the door

January 2019
Brad Hall
Video 101 for Photographers
Jan. 14th 6pm

Step into the future with a brief overview of basic video technics including:
Should I upgrade my gear for video?
Optimal capture and render resolution....   Read More and see Images

Erik Kuna
Rockets, NASA & Astronomical Photography
Feb. 11th at 6pm

Focusing on Space. Erik will explore how a career of shooting sports, landscapes and travel photography led to a transition into covering Space and Rocket Photography. We will discuss how an understanding of the mechanics of imagine creation can lead into mastering a niche in photography...  Read More and see Images

Print Salon
Show Us Your Best Work
March 10th at 6pm

Print salon is TAPPA’s once a year print competition, a great learning event and if you're looking to get your degrees from PPA or FPP a great way to practice and see where you're at. TAPPA brings in three judges from outside the area to give an impartial judging and critiques.  Read More and see Images

Danny Douglas
3D lighting: Understanding light and how to make the light work for you.
Erick Caparas
Channels and Other Quick Tips
Danny Douglas
3D lighting: Understanding light and how to make the light work for you.
Sandra Pearce
Painting Photoshop
April 14th 6pm
Pat Cahill
Personalization, branding graphics and automated workflow...
May 12th at 6pm

Pat Cahill’s program shows “why” in today’s digital world; consumers have positive responses to personalized products and services.  Pat will show how the volume photographer of today must be concerned with creating repeatable, duplicatable...  Read More and see Images

Tom McCabe
Infrared Photography
June 9th at 6pm

Tom will show us his process for taking and processing infrared images...  Read More and see Images

Kelly & Kalina Schneider
July 14th at 6pm
Booray Perry
How to Photograph Weddings - FAST!
Aug. 11th at 6pm

The key to being a successful wedding photographer is knowing how to work fast… anywhere, anytime… and get images your clients will love. 


Booray Perry has photographed over 500 weddings and does them in less time...  Read More and see Images

To Be Announced
Sept. 8th at 6pm
Matt Kloskowski
Oct. 13th at 6pm
Kristina Sherk
Yes, You Can Do That in Lightroom:
Nov. 10th at 6pm

Kristina Sherk is here to share all of her detailed techniques about how to slash your retouching time by editing your portraits in Lightroom instead of bouncing back and forth to Photoshop. She’ll review all the relevant tools...  Read More and see Images

Holiday and Award Party
Dec. 8th

More information coming soon!  Read More and see Images

Tampa Area Professional Photographer Association

Meets on the 2nd Tuesday each month at:

Bryan Glazer Family JCC

522 N Howard Ave.

Tampa, FL 33606