Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association is proud to announce its first annual fall imaging competition. The competition is open to any and all interested photographers and will be judged by three nationally acclaimed judges and judged by standards set by TAPPA for its image competitions. See the Rules below.
There are five categories where up to six images may be entered by each competitor. We have prizes for each of the five categories:
1st place in each category - Godox V1 Flash
2nd place in each category - Platypod Pro max
3rd place in each category - 24x30 print
Honorable Mention place in each category - 24x30 print
Any questions please e-mail Lee Burgess or Randy Van Duinen
TAPPA_24_01_48653_2_---- The Jester
TAPPA_24_01_48653_2_---- The Jester

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TAPPA_20_05_47365_2_---- Enchanted Fores
TAPPA_20_05_47365_2_---- Enchanted Fores

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TAPPA_21_06_48644_2_---- Taking My Trunk
TAPPA_21_06_48644_2_---- Taking My Trunk

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Virtual Print Competition Procedures & Rules

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL ENTRANTS – Please study and follow carefully. Not doing so will prevent judging your entry. 

ELIGIBILITY: Any Photographer, Professional or amateur.

ENTRIES: A total, not to exceed 6 images, may be entered by one photographer for judging. Images previously entered in TAPPA Salon Competitions that scored 80 or above may not be entered again. No two images shall be of the same subject.

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee of $15 for TAPPA members and $30 for non-members covers one to six entries. Pay when you enter at The deadline for all entries is 11:59 November 16th, 2020

ENTRY DEADLINES: Entries must be uploaded onto the 11:59 November 16th, 2020

FILE NAMING: Will be done automatically. But of course, you will need to title your entries

CLASSIFICATION OF ENTRIES: Entries must be designated by the entrant in one of the six (5) categories listed on the entry form. If the chairman feels the entry is placed in an incorrect category, he/she may change the entry’s category. Color and Black and White images will be judged together in all categories.

1. PORTRAIT: This category includes portraits of men, women, children, couples (2 people), groups (3 or more), and environmental portraits.

2. SOCIAL FUNCTION: This category includes weddings or Bar/Bat Mitzvah which includes portraits or candids images from the event.

3. COMMERCIAL: This category includes advertising illustration, industrial, architectural, product photography and photojournalism. Live models may be used for these entries.

4. UNCLASSIFIED: This category includes abstracts, pictorials (non-portrait), animals, figure studies and photojournalism.

5. ELECTRONIC IMAGING: This category includes digital restoration, image enhancement. Entries will be judged for digital, artistic and technical proficiency.

IMAGE PREPARATION: Always SAVE a copy of your competition print file before attempting this! 

See tutorial by Randy Van Duinen at

Files must be sized so the longest dimension is 4,000 pixels. Each file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. Total file size should not exceed 7 MB.

JUDGING PROCEDURES: Each salon will be judged by a panel of three qualified judges using FPP and PPA guidelines including point scoring procedures. The score of the three judges will be totaled and averaged for the final score. When a judge’s score varies 10 points or more from the average score, it becomes an automatic challenge and the photograph must be discussed and re-scored. A judge may initiate a challenge at any time.

SCORING: Images are scored from 0 to 100 as follows:
100-95 EXCEPTIONAL             79-76 GOOD
94-90 SUPERIOR                     75-74 AVERAGE
89-85 EXCELLENT                   73-70 FAIR
84-80 VERY GOOD                 69-0  UNACCEPTABLE


Ist place for each category - Godox V1 Flashhead

2nd place for each category - Platypod Pro max

3rd place and Honorable Mentions - 24x30 Print