TAPPA is a volunteer organization and and needs the help of its members to be a vibrant community for the photographic industry. We know in these busy times it is sometimes hard to commit to be a volunteer, but we ask you to help the organization and we hope in the process it helps you grow as a member and photographer.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – Recruits new members, screens membership applications, makes recommendations to the Board, annually compiles and distributes a Membership Directory, provides permanent name tags for all members and temporary name tags for new members, guests, speakers, and judges.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE – Organizes the solicitation of funds to support TAPPA’s Scholarships. This committee conducts product sales, auctions, seminars, or any other legal activity to raise funds. The funds raised will be distributed in the form of scholarships, for the purpose of furthering the education of the membership through seminars and schools, conducted or sponsored by the FPP and/or the PPA.

PRINT COMPETITION COMMITTEE – Conducts the Section Print Competition, an educational effort which is held one or more times per year. Competition will be held at least sixty days prior to the FPP annual convention. The Board of Directors, with the assistance of the Program Chairman, will set the dates for the competition. The Competition Chairman is responsible for the selection of Judges for the print competition.



PROGRAM COMMITTEE – Typically chaired by the Vice President, this committee conducts the monthly seminars by soliciting the necessary Speakers designed to provide the membership with quality educational opportunities. The Program Chairman is responsible for arranging for Speakers, negotiating honorariums, obtaining publicity release information for newsletter, and coordinating locations and other meeting details.

DOOR PRIZE COMMITTEE – Solicits items and prizes from photography related businesses and companies, to be given away at the monthly meetings and annual Holiday Party and Awards Banquet. The chairman shall oversee the distribution of all donated items at the beginning of each meeting.

HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE – Organizes the social activities of TAPPA. The annual Holiday Party, at which the annual awards will be given, and the installation of new Officers is the most important. Picnics, or other such activities are also the responsibility of the Hospitality Committee. The Hospitality Committee is responsible for establishing the location, time, menu, and program/activities for these events, as well as for advance publicity and notification to the TAPPA membership.

WEB SITE – The Web Master is responsible for the design and layout of the association’s web site, www.tappa.org, and securing and uploading the information necessary for it to be of good use and service to both the TAPPA Membership and the web-surfing consumer. The Webmaster receives two FPP Service Merits for each completed year of service.

NEWSLETTER EDITOR – The Newsletter Editor is responsible for the production and distribution of the TAPPA Newsletter “THE TAPPA TRIBUNE”. The Editor serves as reporter, writer, editor, and typesetter and manages the layout and design. He/she oversees the printing and mailing procedures and is responsible for solicitation of product statements by photography related businesses, billing, and collection. The Newsletter Editor receives two FPP Service Merits for each completed year of service.

AUDIO/VISUAL – The Audio Visual Committee is responsible for arriving early enough to set up and take down TAPPA’s A/V equipment for each month’s program. The screen is stored by the hotel, but the sound system is stored and brought to each meeting by the A/V Committee. Duties include regular maintenance and upkeep of all electronics and inventory of needed batteries.

PHOTOGRAPHER – The Photography Committee is responsible for a very important part of TAPPA – the Photography! Responsibilities include taking a few images of the speaker and some candids at each program, the Print of the Month winners as they receive their ribbons with winning images, a few images of the judges/judging during salon months, and providing those images in digital format to the Newsletter Editor and Webmaster each month. This committees serves as the official Historian of TAPPA.

Committees and the Chairman of all committees are established at the direction of the President.